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Walnuts in India


In India, most walnuts are consumed raw as a snack food. Walnuts have primarily been consumed during the festival season (September to January), but they are now beginning to be consumed year-round as awareness of their health benefits grows and as they become available in smaller and medium cities. About 10 percent of domestic production goes to bakery, confectionary, and ice-cream industries. Around 2 to 3 percent of walnuts (normally rancid nuts) are used for oil extractions by soap and cosmetic manufacturers.

Due to extra-ordinary health benefits walnuts are getting popular especially among health conscious young Indians as a part of their regular diet. While the demand for Walnuts in India grows, domestic walnut production has remained almost stagnant. Growing economy, changing lifestyles, rise in disposable incomes and preference for quality products have increased the demand of good quality walnuts from countries like USA.
















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