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Press Releases

  September 25, 2016
 - Benefits of heart-healthy California Walnuts highlighted during the 11th World Congress on Clinical, Preventive Cardiology & Imaging- 2016

August 09, 2016
 - Consumption of Walnuts in Combination with Other Whole Foods is Beneficial for Inflammation and Metabolism

April 17, 2015
 - Walnut, the best nut for a healthy life

November 14, 2014
 - California Walnuts Live Baking Demonstration with Pastry Chef Savio

November 3, 2014
 - New Research on Walnuts and the Fight against Alzheimer’s Disease

December 13, 2013
 - California Walnut Commission partner with Indian Dietetic Association to create awareness about the goodness of Walnuts

December 12, 2013
 - California Walnut Commission and Karen Anand raise a toast to health and nutrition

December 09, 2013
 - California Walnut Commission hosts Trade Seminar in Delhi

November 14, 2012
 - New Study Finds Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), The Plant-Based Omega-3 Associated with Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

August 20, 2012
 - New Study finds walnuts improve sperm quality in men

February 28, 2013
 - New Harvard Study reports walnut consumption to be linked to lower risk of type-2 diabetes in women

February 25, 2013
- Landmark Clinical Study Reports Mediterranean Diet Supplemented with Walnuts Significantly Reduces Risk of Stroke and Cardiovascular Diseases

January 12, 2012
- Walnuts Go To The Head Of The Class:
   New Research Finds Walnuts Rank Highest In Antioxidant Content among Nuts
November 10, 2011

  - Walnuts Boost Cognitive Function
September 7, 2011
  - Study Finds Walnuts May Reduce Risk For Breast Cancer


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