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Portion Plate Tool

This Handy tool gives you tips on how to use your eye to determine portion size. It also
provides easy tips for getting on the  right track with nutrition.
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Optimize Your Fitness Performance with Heart Healthy Walnuts

This information brochure offers tips from fitness expert, Dr. Anjali Hodda Sangwan,
MBBS, MD and a recipe for a Tropical Walnut Smmothie.
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Solve the Portion Puzzle Poster

Featuring Image from the portion plate tool, this poster is ideal for your office.
A great reminder on simple tips for using your eye to determine portion size.
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Nutrition, Flavour and Versatility in a Nutshell

This card briefly highlights the nutrition and health benefits of walnuts. 
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Truly Tasty Recipes From California Walnuts

An e-brochure with a collection of seasonal, entertaining and snacking recipes.
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