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Q: I've heard walnuts have a lot of fat. Should I cut walnuts from my diet if I am trying to lose weight?

Q: How many walnuts do I need to eat in order to reap their benefits?

Q: I can't think of any good ways to use walnuts. Do you have any suggestions?

Q: What is walnut oil and how can I use it?

Q: How do I store walnuts?

Q: How do I know when a walnut has spoiled?

Q: How do I roast/toast walnuts?

Q: When is the walnut harvest?

Q: When are walnuts available?

Q: When and where can in-shell walnuts be purchased?

Q: Are organic walnuts available?

Q: Where are California Walnuts grown?

Q: What is the difference between a black and an English walnut?

Q: What is the difference between dark and light walnuts?

Q: Where can I get information about crop sizes and estimates?

Q: Where can I find export/import information?

Q: What are the varieties of walnuts grown in California?

Q: What is the nutritional breakdown of walnuts?

Q: I have high cholesterol and my doctor has recommended I increase my omega-3 intake. I'm a vegetarian so eating fish is out of the question. What are my options?



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